is a very popular drugstore that has garnered a decade worth of experience in the Internet drug market. They offer over 1500 products and items. The online pharmacy specializes in generic drugs of high quality. It has gained popularity worldwide due to its attractive prices. To find out more info read our review!

Website Background

The domain name of this online store was registered in the year 2000. It has obtained a secure certificate from Norton. A lot of individuals have been purchasing drugs from this website for a long time with a lot of positive reviews as most find the site legit and reliable. However, the majority of the complaints were in regards to the customer support as well as few incidents of spam emails. The results from are quite good. is rated as safe and with high trust. The percentage of safety is 100% and there are reports of great reputation.

However, the website does not show its address so it can’t be compared with the report given. Scamadviser also places the website’s origin in doubts as it says the website may be from the United States rather than the claim that it’s from Netherlands or. These controversial facts spread doubly on the organization’s reliability, which causes not to be held in high regards in this aspect.

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Payment Methods

This online store accepts as payment methods money order, wire transfers, check, visa and clients from the United States can pay through Echeck. However, the company claims to have fulfillment centers in various parts of the globe, majorly in United States, New Zealand, Mauritius, United Kingdom and India. Hence, it is quite possible that your order may be shipped from any of these locations.

Special Offers and Discounts

One of the major reasons people love online drugstores are the discounts which are great if you desire to save so, what funds. A lot of the online stores that operate in the pharmaceutical distribution niche offer great discounts and this company is no different: they have a deal that goes up to 50% off for products which are valid for all segments. offer a popular discount just for drugs utilized in the treatment of drugs and alcohol addiction. Other coupons can be utilized to save customers money, as one coupon can increase the number of tablets. It is valid only for tablets which have a 100mg strength with a minimum number of at least 10 tablets. Using these coupons customers can get 20 tablets for the price of 10 tablets.


At the footer of the website, the company showcases a safety certificate which was issued by the company GoDaddy, of which GoDaddy is considered as one of the most trusted companies in issuing such certificates online. This proves that with regards to its clients. takes the safety of personal details very seriously. Pharmacy gets heavy props for this, as customer data safety is protected and they ensure all the essential measures to offer comfortable and safe shopping. The online drug store offers safety from unwanted programs and viruses. Clients can relaxed assured that they won’t leave the website with a infected device, due to spy programs etc. In case customers do not have anti virus programs on their computer, this website can stop be surfed in safety. This shows the attitude of to its customers.
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Before committing yourself to an online pharmaceutical store it is important to search for real customer feedback on the service, product, and items they offer. The major requirements for clients in opting for an online drugstore is the ability to obtain safe and cost-effective drugs from your home. Hence, a suitable online drug store has to meet these requirements. In general, we analyzed their reviews and may conclude that it is quite comforting for people considering to use them. However, there seems to be discomfort regarding the payment options.


This online drug store is certainly not a scam. They are a legit online pharmaceutical distributor. They do have a lot of improvement to do with regards to customer support and acceptance of major payment method. However. They offer customers top-notch medicines at great rates and reliable delivery as well. Their shipment is mostly carried out from India and they have proved to be capable of delivering to almost all countries worldwide. The products which are distributed by are sourced from reputable manufacturers in India. 3 stars out of 5.

Akit Medelstein